(Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill) Schisandra from the family Schizandraceae is found in the natural state in mountain forests and river valleys of Far East, primarily in Russia, Korea, Japan and China. The Polish name of this unusual tree refers to the characteristic lemony smell of its fruits. The fruit of Schisandra is often referred to as a five-flavour-fruit (from Chinese: wǔ wèi zi). Why? That is because when the fruit is chewed, a sweet and acidic taste can first be felt, and when its seeds are crushed, tart and bitter taste can be felt on the tongue, and this is finished with a salty note.

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Polana - Schisandra

What components do schisandra fruits hide?

Lignans are the most important group of compounds found in schisandra fruits. In addition, schisandra fruits are rich in organic acids, vitamins and mineral salts. Schisandra also contains sugars, tannins and essential oil, the main ingredient of which is citral, with a smell reminiscent of plain lemon.

A fruit for special purposes.

Schisandra is a plant said to belong to the group of ‘adaptogens’. The adaptogenic action of the schisandra consists in improving the adaptability of the body to unfavourable environmental conditions, as well as supporting the body in regaining balance and improving physical performance and endurance. Due to its properties, schisandra root is used as a toning and strengthening agent to help cope with fatigue and weakness. 

When should I use schisandra?

The fruits of schisandra contain lignans which have a protective effect on liver cells, prevent liver damage and accelerate its regeneration. Extracts from schisandra also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system by regulating blood pressure. This fantastic fruit will also reduce anxiety, bring relaxation and help regain mental balance. Therefore, if you have trouble falling asleep, be sure to reach for schisandra fruit, which will help you get rid of the sleep problem.

Schisandra also shows beneficial effects for the skin.

Schisandra fruits demonstrate antioxidant and immuno-stimulating properties, and as such, they delay the skin ageing process.  They also have anti-inflammatory effects, eliminate discolouration, activate the synthesis of collagen, and inhibit excessive production of sebum. Known for all these properties, schisandra is very often used in cosmetology.

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