Wild pansy

(Viola tricolor L.) Wild pansy is an annual or biennial plant belonging to the family Violaceae.  It is found in temperate and subtropical zones of Europe and Asia, through to the Mediterranean Sea, in India, and even in North America. In Poland, it is also known by names meaning ‘pansy’, ‘Holy Trinity flower’, ‘three-coloured pansy’, or ‘wild pansy’.

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Polana - Wild pansy

In Poland, wild pansies are common throughout the country and grow in fields, fallow land and dry pastures, as well as along roads.

Wild pansies have a strongly branched stem, which is fragile, rising or spreading, up to 40cm tall. Lower leaves are heart-shaped and ovate, while upper leaves are lanceolate, with dentate margins. Flowers of Viola tricolor have an interesting colour pattern, as the upper petals of the corona are blue and purple, whereas the side petals and the lower petal are yellow. The hue of the flowers varies and they are not always three-coloured.

Although wild pansy is a fragile plant, it strongly supports the human body and, therefore, is very much appreciated in phytotherapy.

Wild pansy is a very fragile plant, so it must be harvested and processed very carefully. Wild pansy as a raw material can be collected even 3 times in a year, because it grows back and re-blooms after each harvest. The wild pansy plant is dried naturally, in shady and airy locations. The herb of Viola tricolor is used as a herbal raw material.

The active ingredients that wild pansy contains are strong supporters for the body. When to reach for it?

The herb of Viola tricolor contains, among others, flavonoids, anthocyanins, saponins, essential oil, mucilage and tannins, vitamin C, and mineral salts. Viola tricolor has diuretic, diaphoretic and detoxicating effects, promoting easier removal of waste products from the body. Infusions of the herb of pansy are used for urinary tract conditions, difficulties in urination or nephrolithiasis. Products made with the herb of wild pansy strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which is due to its content of flavonoids, particularly rutin.

Extracts of the herb of wild pansy, due to its content of saponins, irritate the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, increase the secretion of bronchial mucus, and restore the correct movement of the ciliary epithelium, making expectoration easier.

Wild about beauty.

The herb of wild pansy is also very valuable for skin problems resulting from disturbances in metabolism, characteristic of young age, including acne, and skin inflammation, especially of allergic origin.

The extract of this plant exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, having an additional soothing effect on the skin. It also alleviates swelling and reduces dark circles under the eyes. The herb of wild pansy contains flavonoids which seal blood vessels and make them more elastic, thereby improving the venous flow. This improves the condition of the skin which becomes better nourished, which translates into overall improvement in skin appearance.

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