Natural rejuvenating cosmetics

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Rejuvenating cosmetics
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Natural rejuvenating cosmetics

A line designed for mature skin, with signs of loss of skin elasticity and visible wrinkles (both mimic and age-induced), restoring skin smoothness, firmness and youthful appearance.
Formulas based on opium poppy with anti-wrinkle properties and red clover improving skin elasticity, significantly improve skin smoothness and firmness, which gives the effect of visibly younger skin.kóry.

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Micellar lotion

Cleansing and make-up removal

The ingredients ensure effective cleansing, as well as refresh and moisten the skin.
The lotion consists of 98.8% natural ingredients.


Day cream 40+

Smoothing and elasticizing

The ingredients ensure intensive smoothing and elasticizing of the skin, reduce visibility of wrinkles and even out the skin tone.
The cream consists of 98.8% natural ingredients.


Day cream 50+

Firming and lifting

The ingredients increase skin tension, improve firmness and elasticity, and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.
The cream consists of 98.9% natural ingredients.


Night cream 40-50+

Regeneration and reduction of wrinkles

The ingredients nourish and regenerate the skin, improve its hydration and reduce visibility of wrinkles.
The cream consists of 98.8% natural ingredients.


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Eye cream

Smoothing and brightening

The ingredients ensure intensive moistening of the skin, reduce dark circles and swelling under the eyes.
The cream consists of 99.0% natural ingredients.


Rejuvenating serum

Lifting and smoothing

The ingredients ensure intensive smoothing, reduce visibility of wrinkles and pores.
The serum consists of 98.5% natural ingredients.


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Oily serum


The ingredients make the skin firm and elastic, restoring its youthful appearance.
The serum consists of 94.7% natural ingredients.


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