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Polecane dla wegan

dla wegan

Polecane dla wegan


Polecane dla wegan


Polecane dla wegan

z myślą
o środowisku

Vegan cosmetics do not contain substances of animal origin.

Vegan cosmetics or any of their ingredients are not tested on animals!

It would seem that food can be vegan, but not cosmetics. Nothing could be further from the truth! Cosmetics for vegans is a new category of products that include preparations free of animal ingredients and that have not been tested on animals at any stage of their development (the so-called cruelty-free). They are based mainly on plant (herbal) extracts and mineral ingredients, less often synthetic.

In addition, vegan cosmetics are created with the smallest possible share of chemical ingredients that may cause, for example, irritation or allergies. Therefore, they are perfect for the care of sensitive skin.

Skuteczność potwierdzona badaniami

Effectiveness confirmed by tests

Polana cosmetics have been tested by an independent specialist testing laboratory and the Research and Innovation Centre on a group of potential consumers aged 25 to 55.

All cosmetics received very good application and functional ratings and a high% of declarations of willingness to purchase - that's why we can offer the products to you, being certain that the Polana preparations are effective and safe.

Pleasure of natural care

Polana natural cosmetics are the essence of beneficial effects combined with the pleasure of application and the fresh scent of the Polish glade. Daily use of Polana cosmetics is not only effective care, but also pampering your senses.

Among Polana's products everyone will find the cosmetic they need - not only in terms of its effect, but also consistency and application method. The cosmetics are pleasant to use, absorb quickly and smell delicately, leaving no intense scent on the skin.

Przyjemność naturalnej pielęgnacji Pięlęgnacja dwuskładnikowa

Eco-friendly packaging

When preparing the packaging for the Polana brand, we had in mind our environment,
nature and the state in which we leave the environment to next generations. That being so:

Czystek Opakowania z myślą o środowisku

We gave up cellophane

We gave up putting the product boxes in cellophane packaging in order to reduce the use of plastic.

We use packaging made of glass and natural materials

The inner packaging is mostly made of glass and the eye cream tube is made of eco-polymer made of sugar cane.

We use recyclable materials

Bottles for cleansing and toning products are made of rPET (recycling pet)

We use FSC Mix paper

The carton packaging of Polana products is made of FSC Mix paper.