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Two-way care

When looking for effective and safe ways to take care of our health and beauty, more and more often we turn to nature.

This is because we know it is our reliable ally - a rich source of valuable ingredients and inspiration.

The Polana brand is not ordinary skin care, but it offers a holistic approach. Carefully developed care lines offer both outside and inside care.

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Polana values

We believe that human is a part of nature and nature is a part of human. Our mission is to create products that allow you to live in harmony with nature. Showing respect for its resources, we are guided by universal values. We promote ecological and animal-friendly solutions and are committed to protect the environment.

Kwiaty Polany Macierzanka Polana aktywne składniki

Active ingredients

By combining the red clover essence with the properly selected herbal and flower extracts, we have created 3 care lines that meet the different needs of the skin. Find out more about the active ingredients present in our products.

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Herbapol guarantee

At Herbapol, nature has been revealing its secrets to us for over 70 years and inspiring us to seek for effective ways to care for the health, well-being and beauty.

This is how POLANA was created - holistic care for the skin and natural beauty, based on expert botanical knowledge and many years of experience in working with herbs.

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